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The RapidRouter is a skid loader-mounted asphalt router that effortlessly routes the cleanest groove possible, increasing worker safety and efficiency. The RapidRouter can be easily controlled and operated safely from inside the cab of a skid loader. The shroud has a proprietary design that controls discharge of debris and makes clean-up a breeze.

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- Operator can be in the cab of a skid loader – in a safe environment, not exposed to flying debris and the elements.

- Router is easily directed and controlled from cab with skid loader controls. It can easily follow longitudinal and random cracks.

- Skid loader can control pulling force of high speed router cutter. No need for special anti- kickback braking systems to prevent runaway routers. The operator controls the router, not the other way around.

- Horsepower equivalent exceeds 25 hp.

- Special baffling system collects debris and ejects it to the side, keeping debris out of routed crack. Makes clean-up a breeze.

- Accurate depth adjustment. No more lying on the ground to make adjustments! Skid loader can lift unit to desired height to make adjustments and change cutters.

- Works on asphalt and concrete, wet and dry surfaces.

- The operator can move rapidly from crack to crack, saving time. 

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