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Safety Technologies is a solution driven manufacturer with a commitment to quality.  We manage projects from one-off prototypes, single parts, to production runs and complete assemblies.  We offer in-house CAD design expertise, for comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate design, manufacturing, and assembly.  We have cutting-edge CNC technology that enables precise cutting, bending, and fabrication of materials to exact specifications ensuring superior quality and efficiency in our fabrication and assembly processes.

Offered Services

  • CAD Modeling Verification

  • Custom and High Volume Welding

  • Metal Cutting and Forming

  • Custom Product Builds

  • Solutions Based Product Design

  • Ferrous Metal Fabrication

  • 3D Printing


332312, 332313, 332321, 332322, 332323, 332420, 332439, 332510, 332710, 332721, 332999, 333120, 333131, 333924, 336120, 336211, 334290, 335999, 339950

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