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The AUTOFLAGGER AF-76X sets the standard in job site flagging safety. Providing flagging authority that demands driver's attention. This rugged, simple-to-operate system increases flagger safety by allowing a single person to remotely operate two automated flaggers from a safe vantage point.

Isolated AF-76x.png


- Large, high-visibility signs and overall mast height alert motorists that flagging is in effect

- One of a kind 36" sign head containing rotating stop/slow

- Easy one-person setup. Trailers nest and lock together for towing as a single trailer

- Multi-position trailer outriggers for stability on uneven terrain

- Safe operation of one or two signs remotely by a single operator

- Smart technology prevents both signs from displaying "SLOW" simultaneously

- Visual feedback from both the hand-held transceiver and side/top strobe lights

- Rugged, weatherproof design 

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