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New 2023 Model

The new and improved 2023 AUTOFLAGGER AF-54 has been re-designed from the ground up with increased durability, reduced footprint, ease of use, easier, more secure nesting, and more options. Maintenance is easier than ever, and durability has been profoundly increased.  A new ground up redesign that makes an already great product even better.  

46 INCH TRAILER_Camera_ISO TILTED_edited_edited.png
AF-54: Products


- Remotely control one or two units
- Smart technology prevents both signs from displaying duplicate signals
- Tall mast height alerts motorists that a traffic control operation is in effect
- Signal head effortlessly lowers for towing
- Hand-held remote displays each AFAD's message and indicator lights on signal heads confirm message to operator
- Over 1-mile RF range
- Rugged, weatherproof design
- 3-year warranty

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AF-54: Pro Gallery
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